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5 Things You Need to Know About Wedding Transport

5 Things You Need to Know About Wedding Transport
14 July 2022

Weddings are a finicky business. Many tiny and seemingly insignificant details come together to create a seamlessly gorgeous day. But no one said it was easy.

Those details that make up the charming wedding? Someone needs to plan them. And then put it into action. There are logistics to be thought of. Dates and venues, flower arrangements, attire, bridal party, the list is endless. Wedding planning is such a heinously difficult task that there’s a whole industry built off of it. Per the difficulty and the accompanying stress when organizing a wedding, the price tag is hefty. On top of financing a wedding, forking out capital for a wedding planner (some of them charge as much as the cost of a wedding itself) is not a joke. It might mean that money that could have been better spent on the new couple and their newly wedded life is spent on something that, with a little tweaking, could be done by you.

Yes, you heard that right.

You can plan your own wedding. Making it all the more personal and special. There would be nothing about your wedding that you have not screened.

Weddings are the stuff that can either make you or break you.

One of the aspects that many couples forget about is wedding transport. How will the wedding happen if the bride and groom can’t get to the venue in the first place?

Here are 5 things to keep in mind about wedding transport.

  1. Booking your Wedding Vehicle.

A lot of couples make the mistake of booking wedding transport services at the last minute. This might mean a higher rate and reduced options.

Make sure that everything is settled sometime between six months and three months before the wedding – by this time you should have your date fixed, venue sorted and wedding party finalized.

Do look into the season in which you have fixed the date for your wedding. During the November-January period, there will be an influx of year-end parties, business events and social dos. There will be a high demand for transport, making the prices soar and last minute booking will be the last thing you want to do.

Confirm the vehicle in person so that you can inspect it and request changes and adjustments. You must also be wary of vehicle access to the venue when making your choice – some places cannot accommodate a stretch limousine and other awkward vehicles.

  1. Financing Your Transport

Financing a wedding can and has put many couples into debt. Introducing debt into matrimonial bliss is as horrible an idea as it sounds. Strategizing and clear communication can take care of a significant portion of that potential debt. With sufficient planning, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises.

It is easier to introduce hidden costs once the service has been made use of and the wedding transport hire industry is equally guilty.

Call multiple agencies so that you can compare rates and packages. Some companies even throw in decor and refreshments, so get to know your options.

Negotiate with the company. You need not choose the first thing that comes your way.

Ask questions. Usually, rates are dependent on the mileage and fuel used but there might also be a clause about time. Tipping must also be considered. So ask your questions ahead of time – you don’t want to find out that your time with the limo ends before the wedding is done, leaving you stranded at your own wedding.

  1. Types of Wedding Transport

There are all sorts of wedding transport services available. What matters is your taste and (sadly) your budget. It is a thing of the past to disinherited over flouting wedding tradition. More and more couples engage in quirky and personalized weddings. Wedding transport is no different. Here are some options you can look into for your big day.

Traditional Limo

Typical, luxurious limo to get you there in class and comfort.

Buses and Trolleys

Where the bulk of the wedding party is from out of town, this one can help. Party buses come with bonuses such as discos, bars, and dancing poles. A revamped school bus is a fun alternative.

Sport cars

A two-seater getaway vehicle for the couple, this can be a funky but seriously cool idea.


If you need to cross a body of water, you should have a ferrying system in place. You can have anything from quaint row boats to yachts. Your imagination (and your wallet) is the limit.

  1. Who Will be Transported

Mapping out who needs transport is crucial for a flawless wedding. Making last-minute arrangements for a relative who needs to get to the venue from the hotel is a no-no on the day of your marriage ceremony. You don’t need the stress.

Depending on the venue, make room for necessary transportation (e.g. a boat if you need to cross over water).

If most of the guests are from out of town, pre-arrange shuttling services from hotels and airports to the venue. As the transport for a large group of people can be very expensive, consider calling hotels to inquire about complimentary shuttling services. If you aren’t providing transport, consider informing your guests about the local discount codes and rates.

Getting your friends and relatives to carpool with those who need transport can be cost-effective. However, this needs to thoroughly planned and consented to. Eleventh-hour tantrums and refusals can be disastrous.

Set up a ride for guests with special needs, such as roping in your sister to pick up your grandfather who can’t drive.

  1. Timing Your Ride

A wedding needs a detailed and strict schedule. Your ride is as much a part of that schedule as the couple itself.

Create an itinerary with precision. Detail everything from where the wedding party is getting ready to when the pre-shoot will happen to how you will get to the wedding ceremony and reception. Include breaks in between so that you are not harangued by the proceedings. Schedule periods in which you can freshen yourselves and take in nutrition. Looking anemic is not in season right now. Allow leeway for unexpected delays.

Once you’ve calculated the ins and outs of your day, sit down with your rental provider and go over the schedule. Work out any hiccups and stress the importance of a timely chauffeur service. This is also a good place to talk about your routes and other preferences.


Pre-planning your wedding day and engaging in open communication can nullify half the wedding day problems before they even occur. Wedding transport is an often overlooked and thus problematic aspect of weddings. Being proactive about even the most minute details is the way to achieve those install-worthy wedding day vibes.

Wishing you all the best on your wedding-planner journey, don’t forget to have fun!

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