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7 Reasons Why You Might Need a Minibus For Your Next Trip

7 Reasons Why You Might Need a Minibus For Your Next Trip
20 July 2022

Minibuses are all the rage these days and rightly so. There’s a whole host of advantages that comes with a small minibus.

However, minibuses are still a relatively new concept and the majority of the population doesn’t really know about this awesome mode of transport.


First, What is a Minibus?

A minibus is a vehicle that is larger than a personal car but smaller than a coach. It comes in many shapes but let’s look at a typical minibus. Imagine an elongated van but wider and with a higher ceiling. Like buses, the entryway is a vertical door and has a center aisle for easy access to your seat. Not counting the driver, a minibus would have 9 to 16 seats. Minibuses usually have bucket (individual) seats. For your luggage, you will find overhead compartments and sometimes, space at the rear end. Minibuses come in different sizes with the count of seats and the size of the cargo area changing to accommodate the size.


Fine Details

In the UK, you are required to be 21 years old or more and should have had your driving license for at least 2 years. Unless you are driving in a professional capacity or are being compensated, your standard car driving license is applicable for a minibus.

Unlike a bus, minibuses require seatbelts. If you want your pet accompanying you, they must be suitably restrained as well.


How Can You Hire a Minibus?

There is a slew of vehicle rental services available. As most businesses have an online presence, you can easily look up and compare rental services according to your needs. You can find contact details through their web pages. More of these businesses even allows you to make a booking through the website.

You can hire small minibuses and large minibuses corresponding to your needs. There are options where you can drive the minibus (provided you meet the legal requirements) or hire one with a driver.


Why Should You Hire a Minibus?

Minibuses provide a lot of benefits and the impact of a minibus on your trip would be undeniable. There is a long list of reasons why minibuses are the way to go but we’ll look at only 7 of them.


  1. Save Money

Save yourself the expense of hiring several cars that must also be comfortable. With a minibus, you can fit everybody into one vehicle. You will also save money on fuel – only one vehicle needs it. Highway tolls are cheaper too – a minibus does have a higher rate than a car but it is significantly lower than the toll for two cars, thereby saving you money. You can also save up on parking charges.


  1. Go Green

Again, the number of vehicles you use is lower. This means you use less fuel. Reduced fuel usage results in reduced noxious gases emitted into the atmosphere. Moreover, fuel used in vehicles is very precious. A lot of money and labor goes into extracting it and many people argue that there are better uses for it (like medicine) than burning it up in vehicles.


  1. Travel Comfortably

Even a small minibus is notably more comfortable than the standard car. More leg room, more space for luggage, and larger windows. Was more leg room mentioned? We’ll mention it again because nothing can make a journey more miserable than cramped leg room. And if you get the minibus with the center aisle, you can (reasonably) move around as well. The higher ceiling also lessens the claustrophobic feeling that comes with standard cars.


  1. Socializing

A minibus helps you to gather a large group of people into one space. It takes care of the basic need for comfort and allows you to enjoy your journey. Socialize with your fellow travelers, play music in the in-built speakers and share the same scenery and experiences. Some decent games can be played within the confines of a vehicle like a minibus.


  1. Space for Your Luggage

A minibus will obviously have more space for luggage than a car would. Yet, people underestimate just how much more space would be available. There is the overhead compartment for your hand luggage and the pronouncedly larger cargo area.

And if we are being creative, you can stow your luggage (non-fragile) under the seats. Typically, there will also be some room next to the driver and you can make use of it as you wish.


  1. Travel in Luxury

You can opt for a more high-end luxury minibus as well. Travel in plush, reclining luxury seats and take in the scenery through panoramic windows. Luxury minibuses are equipped with overhead lighting, onboard Wi-Fi, collapsible tables, USB ports and a mini fridge. You can choose one with a social seating configuration, where the seats face each other instead of being stacked in rows, all facing forward. Perfect for transporting wedding parties, business executives and the most decadent day trips. Naturally, these minibuses come with your own, personal chauffeur.


  1. Maintain Privacy

Minibuses are more conducive to maintaining privacy than public transport and maybe even your personal car. Privacy glasses can keep away intrusive eyes and allows you to relax and de-stress in a safe zone. Furthermore, the number plate and vehicle cannot be immediately linked back to you, so you can take care of your affairs in peace.


Foot Note

Having said that, you must be sensible as well. There is no point in hiring a minibus if your party has only three people and a scant few luggage.

Let us conclude by wishing you the best on your Minibus Adventures!

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