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KEEP YOUR CLOTHES SAFE Bring laundry clips to keep your clothes safe if you’ll be hanging them outside on your balcony to dry CHECK-IN ON YOUR HOME If you’ll be away longer than 5 days. Make arrangements for someone to check in on your home (for insurance and safety purpose)! TAKE A RECOVERY DAY Take…
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4th February 2020 0
National Minibus

Minibuses: The Comfortable Travel Option For a Group

If you are travelling with your family and friends together than using personal vehicle is probably not the convenient option because you have to travel in separate vehicles. In that case, you can hire a minibus to enjoy your journey. So, if your group consists of 6 to 16 people you can hire a minibus…
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25th November 2019 0

How to Choose the Best Minibus for Travelling

Going on a short or long trip with family or friends is fun and exciting. But, travelling can become a hassle with so many people. Taking so many cars doesn’t sound practical. Luckily, there are minibuses to accommodate your travelling needs with small group ore large group. A minibus is practical for many reasons. It…
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15th April 2016 0