TIPS TO GET READY FOR TRAVEL KEEP YOUR CLOTHES SAFE Bring laundry clips to keep your clothes safe if you’ll be hanging them outside on your balcony to dry CHECK-IN ON YOUR HOME If you’ll be away longer than 5 days. Make arrangements for someone to check in on your home (for insurance and safety purpose)! TAKE A RECOVERY DAY Take an extra recovery day after your vacation — to sleep and catch up on other post-vacation tasks. It will help you mentally and physically ease back into the real world. BRING SNACKS Pack a couple of snacks to keep in your carry-on during your travels. Because you might need them on a long day! SAVE BATTERY Bring a portable charger for your electronics and never miss a moment with a dead battery. LIMIT YOUR SHOES Don’t pack your entire shoe closet! Limit yourself to 3 pairs: a casual pair, a dressy pair, and good walking shoes. RESEARCH YOUR ROUTES […]